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Diag. blade stirrer

Diagonal blade stirrer

A blade geometry for efficient mixing, even in the corners of the container: The mixing material is sucked in from the top downwards and shows a bundled discharge jet in the turbulent flow area. The outlet jet is deflected at the bottom and reaches the surface in the wall area of the container. The acceleration of the liquid takes place in the inclined blade plane.


  • Stirring blades in ø: 38, 60, 80
  • Lengths in mm: 160, 180, 240, 280, 340
  • Material WNr.: 1.4435, 2.4602
  • Stirrer shaft: ø 10 mm resp. ø 14 mm from stirrer ø 80 mm
  • Flanged part of the stirrer shaft ø 15 mm
  • Flanged to the output shaft of a magnetic stirrer, ø 7 mm up to stirrer ø 60 mm / ø 12 mm for stirrer ø 80 mm
  • The four stirring plates are welded to the stirrer shaft and aligned for concentricity.
  • The diagonal blade stirrer is available in various other materials on request.
  • On request, the inclined blade agitator is available with two agitator blades on the same shaft

Always on the move

Four angled stirrer blades create an axial flow pattern with a radial component. This versatile stirrer is particularly suitable for suspending, homogenising and heat exchange at low to medium speed.

Article No Stirrer blade øLength mmMaterial WNr.Shaft ø mmMounting hole ø mmExecution
127555 381601.443515/87welded
129409 381602.460215/87welded
128343 381801.443515/87welded
125787 381802.460215/87welded
128675 382401.443515/87welded
129411 382402.460215/87welded
129417 601801.443515/87welded
129423 601802.460215/87welded
129419 602401.443515/87welded
129425 602402.460215/87welded
129421 602801.443515/87welded
129427 602802.460215/87welded
129429 802401.443522/1212welded
129438 802402.460222/1212welded
129431 802801.443522/1212welded
129440 802802.460222/1212welded
129433 803401.443522/1212welded
129442 803402.460222/1212welded
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