Hochdruckreaktor, Batch Autoklav, Magnetrührantrieb, Backenverschluss


High pressure reactor turbo

Stepless internal recycle reactor excellent for studying kinetics. Validated low pressure applications include DeNOx and N2O decomposition.


  • Nominal volume 700 ml
  • Working pressure 300 bar
  • Working temperature 400°C
  • Material WNr. 1.4980 for vessel and lid
  • Dimensions incl. chassis and pneumatics W x D x H = 340 / 430 / 1'300 mm
  • Flange closure: by means of stud bolts and nuts TIN coated
  • Gasket: conical gasket metal on metal
  • Heating: electric heating cartridges inserted in the wall of the autoclave 3'000 W
  • Temperature sensor: Type K in the autoclave wall
  • Cooling: Double jacket for water cooling with built-in circulation baffles.

Variants/special features

  • Drive: Electric motor with a rated power of 3.0 kW, 3 x 220//380V, controlled via frequency converter.
  • Speed: The maximum speed is limited to 4'500 rpm.
  • Magnetic stirrer feed-through: Special magnetic stirrer drive in slim design, torque of magnetic coupling 6 Nm. The pressure jacket between the inner and outer magnets is manufactured as a double jacket for water cooling. There is a further cooling zone on the carrier part of the MRK. There is also a connection for a gas supply directly at the magnetic stirrer drive and the speed pick-up is at the output shaft.
  • Bearings: Output shaft WNr, 1.4980 with corrosion-resistant ball bearings or hybrid metal/ceramic bearings for a longer service life.
  • Turbine rotor: The rotating part of the turbine with pump head and turbine blade in three stages is located on the output shaft of the magnetic stirrer drive.
  • Turbine stator: The fixed part of the 4-stage turbine is positioned in the autoclave vessel and contains the catalyst basket.
  • Boreholes on the reactor lid: 2 x M16 x 1.5 mm for Sitec valves with cooling zone, 1 x 1/4" with riser pipe into the reactor interior for thermocouple typek
  • Boreholes on the reactor bottom: 2 x M16 x 1.5 mm for Sitec valves with cooling zone, 1 x 1/4" with riser pipe into the reactor interior for thermosensor type K (medium temperature)
  • Our turbine reactor is equipped with a pneumatic cylinder which allows the autoclave vessel to be lifted against the lid. This design offers the advantage that all piping to the fittings on the reactor lid can be permanently installed.

Turboreactor in the kinetics study

Stepless operation is ensured by a high-speed 4500 rpm agitator, an internal turbine design with rotor and stator and specially shaped autoclave internals for optimal recirculation. The internal loop reactor is designed for kenetic tests of methanol synthesis and for high temperature Fischer-Tropsch applications at 400°C and 100 bar.