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High pressure reactor rounda

We manufacture pilot-size scale-up reactors for gas-phase polyolefin syntheses. Our example shows a double jacketed spherical reactor with a volume of 8 litres.


  • Nominal volume 8 Lt.
  • Working pressure 60 bar
  • Operating temperature -50 ... +200°C:
  • Material WNr. 1.4404 for vessel and lid
  • Reactor consisting of two hemispheres with welded-on double jacket for heating and cooling via a fluid medium
  • Dimensions incl. chassis and pneumatics W x D x H = 637 / 680 / 1'811 mm, stroke pneumatics 500 mm
  • Flange lock: by means of stud bolts and nuts
  • Seal: O-ring seal
  • Magnetic stirrer drive 2 Nm, 250 W motor, 750 rpm, Atex EEXIICT4.
  • The cover of the ball reactor is firmly connected to the chassis.
  • The lower part of the ball reactor can be moved pneumatically up and down and tilted 90° forwards with locking option.
  • Wall-mounted spiral stirrer
  • Fittings on the lid freely selectable: 2 x 1/8", 2 x 1/4" and 2 x 1/2" bore
  • tüv approved

Spherical reactor rounda

Our spherical reactor is used as a scale-up reactor for PE synthesis.